Tuesday, 19 December 2017

The Immaculate IELTS

THE IMMACULATE IELTS General & Academic Test coaching
Travelling abroad to study or work may seem a herculean task for you but with us it becomes a cakewalk to break the barriers in order to traverse boundaries!!! THE IMMACULATE and its spin off unit TI Abroad can help you with both global entrance test coaching & migration!


To coach the IELTS Test Takers to secure the highest band score through one to one interactive sessions.


THE IELTS / The International English Language Testing System (IELTS)is a standardized test of English language proficiency for non-native speakers of English. It is accepted by more than 9,000 education institutions, governments, and professional organizations in US/UK/IRELAND/AUS/NZ/CAN/EUR/SIN/MAL.
IELTS general caters to migration/PR/ work abroad requirements; IELTS Academic for overseas education/study abroad.

Course Duration:

  • IELTS General/IELTS Academic – 60 hours

Areas covered:

Individual training is provided for all the 4 skills – Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing.
  • General & Academic Speaking – 3 parts - 11 to 15 mins ( Band 0-9)
  • General & Academic Listening – 4 passages - 30 + 10 mins (Band 0-9)
  • General Reading – 3 to 5 passages – 60 mins (Band 0-9)
  • Academic reading – 3 to 4 passages - 60 mins (Band 0-9)
  • General Writing – Letter (20 mins band 0-3); Essay (40 mins band 0-6)
  • Academic Writing – Graph (20 mins band 0-3); Essay (40 mins band 0-6)

Learning outcome:

The test taker gains confidence and is assured of getting the desired or optimum band score through intensive and rigorous practical training.

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