Saturday, 6 January 2018

Not every day does one enroll at an institute for TOEFL coaching whose dedication to perfection creates achievers out of individualsm!!! The TOEFL is your gateway to The US, UK Australia, Canada, New Zealand and many more countries in the world. It’s only at TI ABROAD / THE IMMACULATE where you can kill two birds with one stone !!! Get coached by the best trainers and be placed at the University or College of your Choice with expert assistance!!!
TI ABROAD / THE IMMACULATE was dedicated in the year 2005 by a stalwart ANGLO INDIAN, DEBBIE WESTCOTT and the trainers offer unparalleled coaching for the TOEFL test (The International English Language Testing System). It also holds the privilege of being one of the oldest coaching institution in Chennai and most renowned global education companies in India with 11+ years of experience in assisting students to make clear decisions about their future and guiding them about their education options both in India and overseas. TI ABROAD / THE IMMACULATE is also a towering inferno that has burnt many another Immigration consultant by effortlessly opening doors for numerous working professionals to get a PR ( Permanent Resident Visa) and citizenship in the country of their choice.
TI ABROAD / THE IMMACULATE also offers coaching classes for many competitive and entrance examinations, English fluency courses, TOEFL, PTE (Pearson Test of English- Academic) GRE, GMAT, SAT and NEET Coaching and all the exams run by the British Council, University of Cambridge ESOL examinations, NATIONAL LEVEL ENTRANCE EXAMINATIONS FOR MEDICAL and ENGINEERING, IDP Australia, Pearson Academic and ETS Global examinations. The team of passionate and devout trainers and counselors are a class apart for having fervently guided thousands of students from various cities in India and abroad. Our focus is to include learners worldwide who choose to study directly at the institution in Adyar, Chennai or online. TI ABROAD / THE IMMACULATE has advanced with great strides in the field of updating their coaching methods, training and development and has progressed in leaps and bounds in empowering it’s learners. It is recognised intercontinentally for it’s extensive network of partner institutions across continents where thousands of students are placed annually having successfully achieved their desired TOEFL test scores. It is a top-tier institution in creating feasible opportunities for students intercontinentally and for increasing chances of employability in India and abroad.
We have behemothic knowledge of business school entry requirements and admission processes across continents with our brilliantly intertwined network and speedy processing of applications. Our masterful trainers are aces in TOEFL training who are targeted and strategic in ensuring that students score beyond 100. They are polymaths in the field who are protean and blessed with the necessary expertise to handle the sections (all are integrated)of the TOEFL test- Reading, listening and speaking in response to questions, listening and speaking in response to questions, Reading, listening and writing in response to questions. This happens with continous training of the trainers from ETS Global. They are ingenuous and cordial in their approach, infusing in young minds the essence of time management, vocabulary enrichment, lexical and grammatical accuracy which play an imperative role in ensuring that a very high score of 110-115 is achievable in the test.
TI ABROAD / THE IMMACULATE has been a neoteric force to reckon with in the field of TOEFL training and has reigned supreme for several years through it’s blue-ribboned training methodology. Although, The TOEFL can send you into a tizzy, you don’t have to worry cos our trainers will keep you apprised of the latest practice tools to get a high score. The introduction class provides excellent clarity on the structure and basics of cracking the test. The trainers are very affable and make the flower bloom from it’s bud in a very gentle and charismatic style (grooming students)by being shoulders to lean on. They train students through excellent test-taking strategies and encourage them to reach for the stars. Being marvels in the field of TOEFL training, our trainers know the most significant tips and strategies to solve onerous questions.
Our students have scored very high in the TOEFL around 110 and 115, thus gaining admission into some prestigious universities like the Harvard & the University of Southern California and some of them have had a trouble-free migration to countries like Australia, NZ, Europe and USA. Ours is an institute where you will find, the best course material for practice along with state of the art equipment, pristine classrooms and surroundings, which make for a sweeping learning experience. Our coaching is cost effective and every student is treated equally with utmost care.
Our TOEFL Test-prep program includes the exclusive course ware –BARRON’s- The leader in test preparation TOEFL ibt along with online & mock tests.
We have adaptable schedule and flexi time that suit students' needs and requirements with petite batch sizes which offer scope for personal attention Moreover, our step by step guidance on effective test taking strategies ensures that each student attains the required score by absorbing the key test concepts.

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