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The Immaculate GRE

There is this burning question in your mind. Why is THE GRE, the only admissions test, accepted by thousands of graduate and business programs worldwide — including most top-ranked M.B.A. programs? THE IMMACULATE has answers! Several years of extensive research by THE IMMACULATE R&D team have strengthened the fact that THE GRE is undoubtedly the most flexible test, catering to the admission requirements, for different courses.
Different sections of the GRE hold different weightage depending on the program you are applying for.
Eg: The score on the quantitative section will matter more than that on the Verbal and Analytical sections, if you are applying to a math or statistics program. Similarly, if you are applying to an English graduate program, your Verbal and Analytical Writing scores will hold more value over the Math section.
Moreover, THE IMMACULATE R& D Team has identified that some schools use the GRE in admission decisions, but not in funding decisions; others use the GRE for the selection of scholarship and fellowship candidates, but not for admissions. In some cases, the GRE may be a general requirement for graduate admissions imposed by the university, while particular departments may not consider the scores at all. For foreign students, the writing scores are sometimes scrutinized more and used as an indicator of overall proficiency in English.
The best way to find out how a particular school or program evaluates a GRE score in the admissions process is to contact THE IMMACULATE’s spin-off unit TI Abroad which specializes in Overseas Education & immigration.


THE IMMACULATE was dedicated in the year 2005 by a stalwart ANGLO INDIAN, DEBBIE WESTCOTT and offers coaching classes for many competitive, entrance examinations, English fluency courses, TOEFL, PTE (Pearson Test of English- Academic) GRE, GMAT, SAT and NEET Coaching and all the exams run by the British Council, University of Cambridge ESOL examinations, NATIONAL LEVEL ENTRANCE EXAMINATIONS FOR MEDICAL and ENGINEERING, IDP Australia, Pearson Academic and ETS Global examinations; Public Speaking, Presentation Skills, Business Meeting Skills, Accent Training, Voice Modulation, MTI Removal, Professional Grooming, Interview Preparation, Body Language Training, Sales & Marketing Training and Leadership Skills.
TI ABROAD, THE IMMACULATE’s Spin-off unit specializes in overseas admissions and immigration. niversity selection is the most crucial stage of the application process. It is done based on your test scores, at least 7 months before the time you intend to join your prospective universities. Based on TI Abroad’s wide network with 380 international universities & rich experience in this field admission to the best American university and financial assistance can be obtained. Expert assistance on the online Application process and Preparation of Application Packets Customizing your applications for different grad-schools and universities along with comprehensive checklists for all the universities based on their different requirements is provided.


The perks of choosing THE IMMACULATE for your GRE:
  • Personalized coaching with continuous performance monitoring.
  • Excellent Infrastructure, State-of-the-art classrooms, library & test labs.
  • Approachable & experienced trainers with 24 hour online access via social networking-facebook,whatsapp,LINE,twitter,Linkedin.
  • Best curriculum and teaching methods suitable for International & Indian students.
  • Brain-teaser math lab & intensive Math workshop.
  • Grammar drills for weak students.
  • Regular feedback with one on one counselling Over 100 students/aspiring immigrants trained per month.
  • Flexi-time and extra hours provided if aspirant progress is not satisfactory.
  • Free Real-time standardized mock tests under simulated conditions.
  • Updated Study Material conceived and prepared by THE IMMACULATE Research & Development team.
  • Access to GRE Verbal Vocabulary grail; web links, portals, archives, audio-visuals, journals, tech talks, reading, listening tests & audio transcripts, summarizing, paraphrasing, cohesive & coherent writing formats & approaches.
  • Training on mastering the art of perfect pronunciation and speaking with neutral accent & non-verbal code training (tone, diction, voice modulation,pause,stress,intonation,pitch).

About THE GRE (Graduate Record Examination)

THE GRE is considered the highest framework within which an applicant’s eligibility for gaining admission and acceptance into graduate programs (fields other than business) in the US is assessed. It is a systemized test which measures the Verbal, Mathematical and Analytical Writing skills of students. RE scores are demanded by most universities in the US along with the applications from aspirants as a mandatory entry requirement, although it is only one of the factors that plays a vital role in guaranteeing admission.

GRE Format

The test is computer-based with non-repetitive questions.
The GRE® is divided into three parts - Quantitative, Verbal and Analytical Writing Assessment, as follows:

There is an un-scored section which appears after the Analytical writing section in any order. This section is un-identified. An identified un-scored research section may be also be a part of the test and is always the last section of the test.

Registration for the GRE & fee structure:

Kindly check this link for registration:
The registration fee is $195

Rescheduling of test and scores

It is better to reschedule rather than cancel the test since cancellation, 4 days before the test, warrants only 50 % refund of the fees. The test date and the test center can be changed till 4 days ahead of the test date by paying a fee of USD 50.
Scores can be cancelled by students if they are not happy with their scores and cancelled scores also do not appear on score reports. A re-attempt can be made after 21 days. If this second score is lower than the previous cancelled score then the former can be re-instated within 60 days by paying a fee of $50.
The GRE can be taken 5 times a year (upto 4 re-attempts allowed per year).


To how many universities can the same score be sent?
Upto 4 universities on the day of the exam. After this, a fee of $27 per university is charged for sending the scores. The student can send his best score irrespective of the number of attempts which do not influence the admission decision-making process in any manner.
Does the score on THE GRE alone guarantee admission to universities?
No. It is one of the factors though a good GRE® score does have an impact on your chances of getting admission and financial aid.
What is the minimum eligible education qualification required to write the GRE?
The GRE can be written by anyone, irrespective of their educational qualification but a graduate degree is necessary to start your masters.
Are fee waivers available?
GRE Fee waivers are available for students based on their financial needs.
How many times in a year is the GRE® exam held?
GRE happens only on weekdays (ie, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday). For more details on test schedule please check
For how many years is the GRE score valid?
GRE scores are valid for 5 years from the date the test is taken.
How soon can we know the scores?
The Math and verbal scores are announced when the exam is over, on the same day but official scores (with scores for AWA) take about 7-10 days to reach.
If I attempt the GRE® more than once, which score will be considered by the universities?
The best score can be sent to the universities.You have the option to send the score of your choice.
If the application deadline of University Z is July 15, by when should I take the GRE®?
15 days before the deadline is best.
Do we need to have the GRE® score at the time of applying to universities?
Yes, GRE® score is mandatory but not the AWA score.
Which graduate and business school institutions accept GRE® scores?
Please contact THEIMMACULATE/TI ABROAD or visit our urls:


“It’s been a wonderful journey with you from the very beginning.. You have been an excellent counselor. After getting a low score in GRE, I had lost all my hopes for getting an admission into any good university in the United States. But you made this happen for me. One of my friends had referred me to join THE IMMACULATE & process through TI ABROAD and finally I am happy that my decision was correct. I am extremely thankful to f you for your support and guidance throughout the coaching. You always responded to all my calls or e-mails/pings regardless of the time. The faculty have been extremely polite and very patient in answering my sensible and silly questions !Thanks a lot for your support!
_Bhargav (Currently pursuing MS (Mechanical) –Purdue University)
The IMMACULATE was my first choice for GRE Prep, and well, it stood up to my expectations The teachers were really supportive! No matter what hour of the day I called them, they were prompt to help me out. Every mail was replied to within a few hours! They provided constructive feedback that helped me in my GRE Preparation. Thank You staff!!!
_ Amit Patil ( Currently pursuing MS (Computerscience)-North Carolina University)

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